A unique place, an amazing experience

Since 1956, Café Madrid was the house of the bohemian people of Valencia, while a new cocktail was born , that became “The spring that soon flooded the world with the Water of Valencia, full of light from the beaches of Sorolla”. With that delicious combination it became a meeting point in the heart of Valencia, next to the Palace of the Marques of Dos Aguas.

Valencia Social Experience.

The historic Café Madrid opened in the early twentieth century and became a cultural reference as it was a regular place for gatherings and encounters of the most charismatic characters in Valencia. It was the most representative of the city of Valencia.

The taste of
the tradition 2.0
Sergio Valls
Taste the best cocktails in Valencia

The best cocktail bar in the city of Valencia

Sergio Valls is in charge of the Cocktail bar of the legendary Café Madrid.

A meticulous cocktails menu of the highest level where the famous Agua de València returns to the altar that is deserved, as the most famous cocktail of the Valencian…

The offer of cocktails is varied and its mixture combines history, origin, techniques, homage and of course a very Mediterranean and spectacular character with the WATER OF VALENCIA as a reference.

Sergio Valls
Café Madrid; The most place to your events in Valencia
In the center of Valencia