The present

The present The sure formula for success will lie in the perfect pairing of which both Nacho and Ivan will provide all their dishes and cocktails with a fusion that has reaped so many successes in the famous dinners paired with cocktails that they have organized for several years at the Kaymus Restaurant.


The Hotel Marqués House is inaugurated, where the longed Café Madrid will be reopened as a cocktail bar, under the prestigious Iván Talens´ direction, where we will have the greatest offer of combinations with a very extensive and original menu.


Refurbishment work begins to re-open Café Madrid and the Hotel Marqués House.


It was the place where from 1956 its new owner gave shelter to the bohemian Valencia, at the same time that it gave to know a new cocktail that became "The spring that soon flooded the world with the Water of Valencia, full of light of Sorolla´s beaches", as it prays in a side of the establishment, and that reached great prestige in the decades of the sixties and seventies.


In 1932 it was known as Café Berlín and in 1940 as Cervecería Madrid. It soon became a regular meeting point for Valencians due to its location in the heart of Valencia, close to the Marqués de Dos Aguas´ Palace.